Tobermory Dive Weekend July 27/28


For Students

This is an open water training weekend for basic students.   We will conducting 3 training dives on Saturday at ‘The Lighthouse’ and 1 dives on Sunday morning at ‘The Tugs’. Please bring your full open water gear package.  It is your responsibility to pick it up before the weekend and to return it on Monday, June 10.  Please take the time to rinse off any dirt and do not leave it wet in the bag overnight, please hang it up.

If you would like to register for this weekend, please contact the shop to ensure your Instructor is available for this weekend.

For fellows certified divers You will need a marine park pass to dive in Tobermory.  Cost is $4.90 per day or $19.60 for the season.

We camp at Happy Hearts Park, 1 800 331 4679.

There are other camping options as well as some lovely motels.